Para muchas personas como nosotros la palabra WET tiene un significado especial. WET es un sueño hecho realidad, mi pasión por el océano y por las distintas formas de disfrutar…
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DUOTONE – True Kiteboarding

DUOTONE – True Kiteboarding
It’s true: Boards & More is bidding farewell to North Sails Windsurfing and will be launching its own brand – Duotone – in the summer.

Yes, that’s true. We’ll be launching the new brand Duotone on 1st of August 2018Duotone is not a new name. There was a snowboard brand from Boards & More with this name back in the 1990s: Duotone represents authenticity – being true – both in windsurfing and in kiteboarding. We will continue to offer high-quality products for all disciplines and will push forward as leaders in technology for the sports that we love. There was plenty of heated debate about the name Duotone in some forums.


We think it’s very exciting because it’s a very emotional name with many meanings and interpretations. In the last two years, our sails have had this duotone effect in terms of their colour scheme; that’s how we stumbled upon it. When we were looking for a name for the new brand, we chose Duotone as the internal project name. The longer we worked with it, the more we realised that this name was a really good match for the new brand. On top of that, this name was already registered worldwide by Boards & More. And we really liked the double meaning associated with the name Duotone: Wind and water combined form a better unit, just like lightness and durability. This interaction between two factors crops up again and again in the creation of products.


This is a massive opportunity. We’re bringing something new to the table, something which no one else is doing. I get this feeling of optimism again. It’s a challenge – but very exciting, creatively speaking. I would put it like this: If you want to ride a big wave like Jaws and show zero respect to the challenge or consequence, then that’s not likely to have a positive outcome. A certain amount of respect is a good guide so we’ve worked diligently to develop a thorough plan of action and welcome the new possibilities. Welcome Duotone Kiteboarding!

Till Eberle, Managing Director of Boards & More GmbH

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The ION NEO TOPS are a must-have for every watersports nut hitting the sea or surf in milder climates. Although mainly used in warmer waters to keep the sun and wind off the skin, they can also be used as a second layer underneath your wetsuit. Thanks to the plush, wool-like Hot_Stuff lining, these tops have a luxurious texture that feels great, even on bare skin! The NEO TOPS have a more detailed and technical construction than that of the standard Rashguard, providing 100% UV protection, efficient heat retention and a reduction in irritations and bruising often caused by the harness or surfboard.


Temperatures are rising ladies and we’ve got a smoking hot surprise for you! Introducing our cute collection of shorties that combine sophistication with a little bit of cheekiness. Choose from three designs to complement your style, and check out the innovative zipless option. The MUSE is a must-have for any water babe’s action-packed outings!

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